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About Marosa

About Marosa

Marosa was set up and is run by mother and daughter: Joke and Rebecca. Together with Thirza, Shubaida and Stefanie, they are the permanent team running the groups. Rebecca and Thirza are the regular faces of the toddler group, Shubaida and Stefanie are the regular faces of the baby / toddler group. Joke is more concerned with the administrative and administrative side and assists where necessary.

Marosa, small-scale, warm and homey but professional

Team Marosa

Supplement to the home situation

We are happy to think along with you about parenting questions or if completing the childcare puzzle sometimes becomes difficult due to circumstances and we want to supplement the situation at home. An addition because it is not our goal to simulate the home situation. This is not possible because it is unique !! Marosa adds something, we have added value and are not a substitute home. This does not mean that children do not feel at home with us. On the contrary ! But feeling at home is very different from being at home. The latter are your children only with you!

We can put everything here that should convince you why you can best bring your child to Marosa. However, this is a matter of feeling and this cannot be captured on paper. So come visit us and judge for yourself. You are very welcome. You can make an appointment online , but you can of course always call or email us.


Small scale

When designing and determining the policy of Marosa, use was made of our many years of experience in childcare. We are professional but can also be involved due to the small scale. Everybody knows each other. There are no thresholds. You can walk in to Joke (owner) without an appointment. For Marosa you matter. You are not only a customer but especially a person we are interested in.