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Elementary School

Collaboration with primary school is important for the ongoing learning path that we set out. The transition from toddler to toddler is as smooth as possible with us and toddlers are taught a lot of skills in a playful way. We do not have a partnership with a particular Primary School because we believe that parents should have free choice in this regard and we do not want to steer. We will, however, personally transfer the child to the child's teacher. This means that we will personally hand over the transfer form after we have discussed this with the parent (s) and they have no objection to this.


If a Marosa child has problems with language / speech development, our speech therapist Constance Willemen is there to help. She has her own practice in Hoorn and has a partnership with Marosa. As a result, lines are short and help can be offered more tailor-made, but we can also contact her for tips, tricks and information about everything that has to do with speech / language.


For problems in this area we work together with Anita Possel, Child Physiotherapist at Delver & van der Knaap Physiotherapy. For Marosa children, the lines are also short when it comes to physiotherapy and tailor-made help can be offered.

Behavioral therapy

Does your child sleep difficult? Don't want to eat it? Enthusiastic toddler and don't you penetrate? How do you deal with divorce in such a way that your child (ren) suffer as little as possible? These are just a few examples that you can use at Nel Makkinga-Buur. Together with her colleagues, who all have their own specialty, they help you with this.