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Own Group / Tribe Group

Own Group / Tribe Group

Every child is placed in his / her own group with its own permanent teachers: the tribe group! Your child will soon feel at home because every day it is with us it is in the same environment and sees the same faces.

Do you have difficulty leaving your child behind? This is very normal! We realize this and will keep you informed of how your child is doing until this goes smoothly. We do this by sending apps with a photo so that you can see what your child is doing. Also know that you can always call if you want to know how your child is doing. This is no problem at all.


We have 2 horizontal groups (children of about the same age together): a baby toddler group for children from 0 to 2 years and a toddler group for children from 2 to 4 years. At the moment we do not have so many children that we can work with two groups every day and we are flexible with this. This means that we look at what is best for the children every day. Because our groups are separated with a sliding door, it is very easy to use both groups alternately.

Small groups / a lot of attention and supervision

The groups as they are now are small groups. Because the groups are small, there is a lot of supervision and fun activities can be done. For the youngest, our babies, following the rhythm at home is quite possible, they can sleep peacefully when needed and there is a lot of cuddling, singing and playing with them. For the elders there is every opportunity at the level of the child to be busy with the preparation for the primary school. They learn from each other but also have 1-on-1 attention: an ideal situation.


Our groups are spacious, clean and fresh and fully furnished with beautiful new, diverse material. There is enough toys for all children. Toys with which they can play together or alone, but where they also learn something from or that stimulate the development of your child without their noticing. After all, children learn the most through free play and ………. They also like this the most. Our baby toddler group is set up in such a way that the children can go on a free journey of discovery. They do not come across unsuitable or dangerous toys during their starting crawling and walking attempts, but material that fully matches the stage of development they are in. And if they are still very young and extra vulnerable, there is a high box, rocker, various play rugs or the arms of a leader where they can discover the world around them completely safely.

The toddler group is divided into playing corners. There is a doll's corner, building corner, car corner, carpentry corner, shop and puzzle corner. Extra material is available on this group for those children who are actually already exhausted but still have to wait until they are actually 4 years old and officially exhausted. These children do not get bored with us.

On paper it is difficult to tell what it looks like with us. For that it is best to drop by us .



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Own Group / Tribe Group

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